Abhimanyu | 1989 | Gem

In 1989 film Abhimanyu, Pannalal (Shakti Kapoor) rapes Tulsi (Poonam Dhillon) and the only justice that the victim can think of is to get married to him. This is the message being sent to men – rape a girl and she will be forced to marry you. Tulsi is shown begging Pannalal’s brother, played by Anil Kapoor, to get her married to the rapist. Later, Anil Kapoor, playing Abhimanyu, is shown marrying a woman by fraud. Shakti Kapoor, in real life, was also caught on camera asking an undercover reporter posing as an aspiring actor for sexual favours. It was a hidden-camera exposé on the casting couch practice in Bollywood.

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