Badi Behen | 1993 | Movie Review

Hindu family of ‘Dwarkaprasad’ and ‘Lakshmi’ keeps a painting of the word “Husain” in their house. Hussain means beautiful or handsome in Arabic.

This depiction of a ‘secular’ Hindu family comes from director Kalpataru aka K Pervez. Is there any Hindu family who keeps framed Arabic words in their home?

Also, we didn’t miss the awkward physically touchy-feely and cringeworthy “fun” banter between the siblings.

The film has an insulting joke around Prabhu Ram, and when we say insulting, we are well aware of Bollywood’s shady history of projecting the deity and we do not expect a respectful portrayal from the filmmakers.

Kader Khan (who has written dialogues for the film) and Asrani together run ‘Ram-Balram Detective Agency’, where Kader is named ‘Ram’ and Asrani is named ‘Balram’. When a client comes and asks where is Ram, Asrani replies, “Gaya hoga jhakk maarne”.

In the next scene, ‘Ram’ is shown begging on the street.

Watch the scene below, and tell us if it is not a deliberate insult to the revered deity of Hindus?

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