Dharm Karam | 1975 | Movie Review

Film: Dharm Karam

Year of release: 1975

Director: Randhir Kapoor

Writer: Prayag Raj

Producer: Raj Kapoor

Lead Actors: Raj Kapoor, Randhir Kapoor, Rekha, Dara Singh, Jagdish Raj

Bollywood seems to be the biggest enabler of gender-based crimes against women. For years, filmmakers have normalised lewd discussions on women and used titillating scenes on screen to sell bad stories.

Take ‘Dharam Karam’ by Raj and Randhir Kapoor, for example. Rekha is introduced in the film with a semi-open blouse. She has no other role in the film except being the subject of lewd conversations about female nudity.

Even the poster of the film shows how the producers used her sexuality to tantalise viewers.

You might want to scroll down the link below and follow the whole thread to understand Bollywood’s idea of women emancipation.

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