Pyasa Shaitan | 1984 | Movie Review

Film: Pyasa Shaitan

Year of release: 1984

Director: A. Vincent

Writer: A. Vincent, V.T Nandakumar

Producer: S. Hariharan

Lead Actors: Kamal Haasan

‘Pyaasa Shaitan’ was a remake of a 1978 Malayalam horror film called ‘Vayanadan Thamban‘, starring Kamal Hassan. Much like most in the actor’s filmography, this film also has misleading (and offensive) portrayals of Hinduism.

In this gem below from the movie, a Hindu Pujari named Kai Bhairav worships ‘Shaitan’, an Abrahamic concept irrelevant to Sanatan Dharma.

Writer-Director A Vincent made this Bollywood drivel that demonises the holy men in the Hindu community.

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