First Law of Super Success

Life = Growth

Life is defined in a variety of ways by different people. For cellular biologists, life is exchange of matter and energy at cellular level. For them, life exists in each cell. That is why they say life exists in plants and animals.

Some define life as consciousness. Anything that feels pain and pleasure has life. Humans have life, animals have life, insects have life. It is ambiguous whether plants have life or not, or rocks have life or not.

The Vedas define life has something that can put efforts to avoid pain and seek pleasure. And has capability to adapt or in other words, learn and improve.

Depending upon species, there are varied levels of life-force or liveliness. Almost all species experience pain and pleasure, and have urge to avoid pain and seek pleasure and even put efforts for the same.

The last one – putting efforts – is what makes humans so special. We can learn, we can introspect, analyze, use higher intellectual capabilities to improve and grow. And thus put efforts in a way that no other species can.

As children, we have most amount of life in us. As a child, we demonstrate the urge to continuously put efforts, learn, improve and grow. A baby that cannot walk also continuously keeps exercising his limbs to make them stronger. Would try to imbibe facial expressions. Would explore to feel whatever comes in his hand. As we grow, we show this urge is learning to walk, to learning to talk, to imitate behaviors. We keep failing, keep getting hurt but we do not give up. We insist to the universe that we want to grow, and we indeed grow!

This growth defines life. As humans, so far we seek growth, we are full of life. The moment we get satisfied with present and do not want to grow, we are approaching death. We live our full life because as children we decided to ignore all failures and falls, and yet persist on learning to walk, talk and grow. Had we not done that, had we learnt the helpless ways of typical adults in the world, we as children would still have remained in cradles throughout our life.

Look at plants, trees, animals, companies, organizations. Look at every aspect of life – health, intellect, performance in job. Everywhere, growth means life. The moment growth ceases, death starts taking over. This principle applies everywhere.

Always look in your life, find if you are growing, if you are learning new things, if you are struggling to get better. If not, you must act now. Our entire body, in fact entire universe is designed to support growth alone. One that doesn’t grow is eliminated out by the laws of nature.

Also growth means forward looking. Whatever has happened is already reflected in your present. The mission of life is to discover how to can move beyond to grow in next moment. If you are doing so, entire universe will support your life. The moment you relax into stagnation, be prepared that the universe has started its planning to ruthlessly eliminate you out.

Researchers studied the brain patterns of many people who lived healthy near the age of 100. The common factor in all of them was that even at that age, they were persistent in trying to learn new things. One was learning new languages, other was teaching new craft skills to young children. He would first learn himself and then teach. One participated in long distance running. And surprisingly, several parts of their brains were found to be more young than those in middle aged people.

While science continues to discover foolproof ways for longevity, one recipe is sure to help in all situations. Never stop growing, never stop learning, never stop struggling. There should be something challenging for your mind and body …always. You should never fall into an ease of sluggishness.

Real ease, real relaxation happens when you enjoy the struggle, the persistence for growth and learning. In Yoga, meditation is considered to offer best results if performed after a workout, after some sprinting, after you have panted a while trying to exercise your lungs.

Of course that doesn’t mean you go beyond safe healthy limits as per your conditions. Sudden spurts may be even dangerous. Real growth is organic, consistent and incremental.

So keep growing, keep struggling, keep challenging yourself, keep creating new learning patterns, and see how whole universe works as an army under your orders to bring you success.

Life = Growth

Anything that continues to grow has life

Anything that stops growing approaches death

This applies to humans, animals, plants, companies, products, ideologies..everything in universe

Never remain stagnant, never accept lack of growth

Always invest regular time to learning new things, accepting newer challenges for mind and body and you will never grow old

Growth is organic, so never attempt quick fix sudden growth.

Be fast, but be consistent. Real growth is consistent

Simply by trying to grow in every aspect of life you can think of, you will start getting enormous success

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