Second Law of Super Success

Law 2: Growth = Systematic

How to avoid cancer?

Let us first understand what is cancer. Cancer, unlike most diseases, is not due to underperformance of certain organ. On contrary, cancer is due to our body cells acting extra-smart. When our body cells become obsessed with growth and growth alone – without any discipline – it is defined as cancer. Growth that is indisciplined is cancer. Growth that is unsystematic is cancer. Random growth without a scheme, without a structure is cancer.

Unsystematic growth is like a rebellion brewing inside you that aims to sabotage your entire well-being. Unsystematic growth is your body rebelling against you.

This is cancer of the body – the most dangerous disease. WHO reports state that over the next 20 years, new cancer cases will rise by a whopping 50%.

As our lifestyle gets more and more indisciplined, as we become more and more reckless with our health and body, more we provide our bodies incentive and resources to rebel against us. Smoking, tobacco, indisciplined food habits, alcohol consumption, pollution, obesity, red meat, processed food, lack of exercise etc etc. We keep encouraging our body to rebel against us. While many factors are beyond our control, we make them reasons to ignore other factors as well that we can definitely control. No one stops locking their cash-vaults because thefts have happened in secured banks as well. But in matters of our own health, we show indiscipline, and cause cancer.

Avoid junk, drink plenty of water, eat fresh fruits after proper washing, maintain good hygiene, do workouts, say no to tobacco, alcohol, meat, have a happy disciplined life, have regular checkups, and you would have reduced chances of cancer by 99.9%!

There is also cancer of mind.

In fact cancer of mind can trigger cancer of body. Cancer of mind is being indisciplined about your thoughts. Being obsessed with success, growth, habits, hobbies, ego, even feeling miserable and helpless…and pursuing them without any plan, any structure, any scheme.

When you become obsessed with anything without knowing logically the reason why you are obsessed, you are defeating the purpose of obsession. When you run after success without being able to rationally explain why you should run after success, you are causing cancer of mind. Such success can never provide happiness. You would continue to seek a moving shadow that will always be out of your reach. You will grow abnormally, in all wrong ways and become a tumor rather than a piece of art.

Think of it. What differentiates a garden from jungle. What differentiates garbage pile from your home. What differentiates music from noise. What differentiates mob from team? What differentiates construction from destruction? What differentiates beauty from ugly?

If something is structured, systematic, it has worth. If it is unsystematic, without a scheme, that is junk. When you put structure into same raw material, you get microprocessors from sand, planes from rocks, books from leaves and wood. You get every modern amenity, every piece of wisdom that give meaning to life, every social norm that makes you human, everything that makes world civilized and worth living.

You remove structure, allow sand, leaves, wood to randomly intermingle, and what you get is mosquitoes, flies, bacteria, fungus, diseases, epidemics and deaths. You live among mad ones like ISIS in Iraq, life becomes hell, living becomes a burden.

This principle applies everywhere. Yes, going after the urge is important, having passion is important. But passion without structure, passion which is unsystematic is violence, rape, suicide, murder, foolishness, disease, death, misery. In other words, it ends up in unhappiness and failure.

Look at lives of many celebrities. They seek growth, money, fame. They are quite successful in it. But they have no structure, nothing systematic in life. So look at their inner lives. Most actually end up being most hopelessly unsuccessful people, greatest failures of life. They ruin family life, get insane, have depression as a faithful partner because of hollowness due to zero structure. And despite being “entertainers” some die of suicide, some die of drug overdose, some end up as mad and so on.

This is not the success that you want in life. Your success must be full of happiness, drive, enthusiasm, satisfaction. Your success has to be systematic, disciplined, structured and a piece of art. Not a swamp breeding infection.

So pursue growth every moment. Pursue with full passion. as much passion and energy that you have. But keep giving your growth that shape. Use discipline to chisel it, guide it and sculpt it to become a marvel.

Stagnation is death.
Real growth is systematic.
Everything else is cancer.

Avoid cancer, be a piece of art and utility, be systematic, have super-success. Be a super star!


  • Unplanned growth leads to disaster
  • Always strive for structure and discipline in pursuing growth
  • Unstructured indisciplined growth may appear wonderful in short run but will ultimately lead to disaster
  • Indisciplined growth in body is cancer
  • To avoid cancer of body, eat and live with discipline without indulging in short-term gratifications
  • To avoid cancer of mind and life, think and act only in meaningful things with discipline

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