How to crack the 3 laws

Purpose is the crux of three laws. But how do we decide whether our purpose is worthwhile or not? It is actually very simple. Apply the laws of generalization and empathy.

So ask yourself – what if everyone starts doing the same thing. For example, suppose you felt that narcotics smuggling will give you quick money. Ask yourself – what if everyone starts taking drugs. Will it be good or bad? What if your near and dear ones become drug addicts? Will it be good or bad? If not, its a wrong thing to do.

Similarly, ask – what if it happens to me? ISIS butchers kill innocent ones in Iraq. They should be asking – what if someone kills me because he considers his religion to be best and refuses to understand that I have a right to differ. Since they cannot accept this offer, what they are doing is wrong.

Monitor every act in every moment of your life. Keep eliminating whatever is wrong. Whatever you would not like to be done by everyone in world, what you would not like to happen to you or your loved ones – that is wrong. This would itself eliminate a lot of junk from your life, lighten your baggage and power-charge you with energy, vitality and success-magnet.

If you are feeling depressed, ask yourself – what if everyone in world starts surrounding me with their depression for x, y, z things that did not work in their lives. What is the purpose of this depression? How is my depression fulfilling my goal of getting happiness in life?

Now feeling depressed is one of the most self-contradicting traits we all exhibit in life. We feel depressed because we did not get our dreams fulfilled. We wanted our dreams to be fulfilled because that would give us happiness or satisfaction. So we are depressed because we did not get happiness or satisfaction. But being depressed means there is no way you can get satisfaction. To get satisfaction or happiness, the most basic requirement is to not be opposite of happiness. In other words, to not be sad or depressed.

It is like closing yourself in a pitch dark room because you crave for sunlight! Even if your craving for sunlight happened in middle of night, closing yourself in a dark room will not bring sunlight to you under any circumstances. So the least you can do is to get out in open. That way, at least after 6-7 hours, when morning arrives, you would get fresh sun-rays to boost you up.

And if you are really smart enough, you would rather prepare yourself well to be ready with a fresh sleep for morning sun rays. That way, you would bypass the waiting and longing for sun to rise, get fresh, and make best of the morning.

That is purposeful living. Performing every act for a purpose, a goal, a mission. And eventually that mission should lead to happiness and satisfaction. Not just for you, but everyone else. Because, as we will see in a later law, everything is connected. You cannot plan your own island of happiness in isolation.

So revive the purpose of your life. Aspire for something truly big, wonderful, ambitious – not just for yourself but for whole world. Dedicate each moment of life for that purpose. Maximize happiness and satisfaction from each moment. Because ultimately the aspirations you have made in life have any meaning only when they fulfill the higher purpose of happiness and satisfaction.

Dedicate each moment to fulfill that purpose of happiness. structure each moment systematically to achieve that purpose. Grow each moment to achieve that purpose.

Simply ignore the rest. Within no time you would realize your true potentials. Now you are in harmony with entire universe, with purpose of the universe, and now you can unlock the powers of this synergy. You will become a natural magnet to attract the best in life – greatest success, wealth, everything you desire for, everything that comes in your mind, and be a legend.

Yes, you would unleash the legend within.


Follow the golden rule always:
– If you don’t like something to be done to yourself, don’t directly or indirectly do for others.
– What if you were in their shoes.

Practice generalization – what if whole world starts doing this? Will that lead to more happiness or make things worse for everyone.

So you will realize why terrorism, pornography, drug-cartels, depression, selfishness are wrong.

Eliminate junk from life and you will be much lighter to run towards your success.

Think long-term.

Aspire big for self and world.

Depression is a foolishness that attracts more depression and failure. Don’t think hard to to fight depression. Simply consider depression as a poor joke, a cheap comedy act that doesn’t suit your stature in any situation.

Just as you would not drink from sewage, you will not indulge in something as stupid as depression. Or even think about depression that may have happened in past.

Dedicate yourself to that big aspiration.

Each moment must be spent on achieving that aspiration with happiness, structure and growth.

Simply ignore everything else.

Whenever you find yourself breaking these rules, resolve to improve, forget the rest and look ahead.

You will become a magnet that attracts the best in life.

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