Law of Weighted Average

This law forms the actionable foundation for all other laws of life. It states that you are a weighted average of whatever you have been till last moment.

If this sound too technical, let me try to simplify it for you. The law states 2 key things:

A. Whatever you are presently, is basically an average of whatever you have been in every moment of your life so far. Everything you have done, everything you thought of, every word you spoke has constructed your current reality.


B. Your last moment of life has had greatest influence in constructing your current reality, the moment before that had second greatest influence and so on.

The implications of this law are significant. It states that what you will be in next moment will depend on whatever you did, thought or said from prehistory up to this present moment. And the present moment will have greatest influence in shaping your destiny.

In other words, the present is the most important moment of your life. The present holds the key to your future success.

What happened till last moment cannot be changed. You may crib about it, regret it, complain about it, enjoy it, be nostalgic about it – but that will not change your destiny. The only thing under your control is what you do in this very moment. And then in next moment, you will have another new moment which is under your control. If you keep making best choice in this moment, and then in next moment and so on, you improve your weighted average. You improve your success-power. More you are consistent in this, better your average, better your success.

The Yoga Darshan – most important text on Yogic mind control – states that success is achieved only through devoted consistency over a period of time. Luckily, that “period of time” is not that loooong a period. We will understand this in another law. We will understand how you can compress that period of time to as short as you want. So it is possible to compress that time to a nano-second and get your ultimate success in next nano-second!

Now let us see what are some of the stupid things we tend to do that reduce our average and rob away our potential for success. I call these stupid things because they are indeed stupid. Anything which is guaranteed to not bring better results and yet performed with passion can be termed nothing but stupid. So all we need to do is to stop acting stupid and be smart. Lets see how:

Suppose you were cheated by a friend or partner. That broke your heart or robbed you off your wealth. Though we will see why these terms are also actually stupid. But for time being, say we suffered some kind of loss. Now if you waste the present moment brooding over the incident, that is no way going to improve your success potential. On contrary, it will program you more towards failure. We will review this in another law in detail. So this would be utterly stupid for you to waste your time cribbing or brooding about the incident or event.

Alternatively, to forget the shock, you indulge in some form of distraction. Maybe you eat, or dance like mad in rock shows, or drink a few pegs, or indulge in something else to distract your mind. Unless you over-indulge, this may be slightly less stupid than brooding. But nonetheless, this means you are wasting your present moment which could have been used to do something more fruitful. And if you get to eating or drinking, you may actually be causing health hazards for yourself that would be even more stupidity.

A better approach would be to indulge yourself in something constructive. Instead of brooding or plotting revenge or boozing, simply start focusing on your profession or health. Exercise to improve your health, learn a new skill to reverse age of your brain, do something creative in your profession. If you are a sales person, meet a few more potential clients. If you are a programmer, create some new application. If you are a teacher, explore a new way of teaching or teach something new.

If you can’t think of anything else, do something useful for society, for privileged ones, for country, for world. That would be much smarter way to reverse after-effects of damage done to you in past than brooding or drinking or crying. And as we would understand in some laws we will cover later, selfless deeds may bring best utilization of your present moment.

For those who are a bit more advanced in application of these laws, the shocks and treacheries of the world will not matter at all in first place. Because they know the Law of Grand Conspiracy that we would cover ahead.

You create your own destiny.

What you face today is outcome of whatever you did (including thinking) in past.

Present is the only moment that is in your control.

Present is the factor that has greatest impact on shaping your future destiny.

Instead of wasting present in hope of something better happening in future, use present as your most powerful tool to make things better.

If you cannot think of anything in present due to some situation, or can’t help thinking negative, simply break the pattern. Get into doing something constructive, or learning new skill, or doing exercise and workout, or social welfare activities. Do these mechanically despite mind tending to think something else.

Soon mind will start bending and become tuned to be able to think and act positive even in worst of situations.

Practice being smart businessman. Present is your greatest treasure. Don’t invest in anything useless.

Don’t complain about life. You shaped yourself for whatever you face today. And you can shape yourself to get whatever you aspire to get in future. Simply believe and make best of present. Don’t think of anything else.

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