Jeevan Mrityu | 1970 | Movie Review

Film— Jeevan Mrityu

Year of release—1970

Director— Satyen Bose

Writer— Hiren Nag, Bishwanath Roy

Producer — Tarachand Barjatya

Lead Actors— Dharmendra, Raakhee, Ajit

Even while remaking a film from a Bangla hit, Bollywood cannot resist inserting some Mughal-friendly agenda into the movie. For example, here is a scene from Jeevan Mrityu (remade from a 1967 Bengali film ‘Jiban Mrityu’).

We are never told why:

– There is a Mughal history class within a romantic song.
– Does someone teach history in a class for Hindi Grammar?
– Which teacher uses ‘baap’, a crude word for father, in a classroom?

We also didn’t miss how the convent school teacher was all dolled up for the class. We can’t think of schools (including convent schools) where teachers and students don’t follow a restrained dress code.

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